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All About Eve (1950)

Enjoying watching this movie this evening. All About Eve won 6 oscars including Best Picture. Features Bette Davis as Margo Channing. And I’m actually blanking out now on the name of the actress whoplayed Eve herself…Anna something…oh dear. I’ll google it later. But yes, a superb movie. One of my favorite, memorable quotes:
“Bill is thirty-two. He looked thirty-two five years ago, and he’ll look thirty-two twenty years from now. I hate men.” –Margo Channing

Hahaha~Just good humor through and through.
Alright off to bed with me.
Nighty night.


Gave me a good laugh…

And funny enough, with all the snow we’ve been having, this is the FIRST snowman I’ve spotted thus far. (I saw my second one on the way home tonight, but as I was riding on the bus, didn’t have enough time to snap a shot of it.)

CRASH! (>_<)

Was in a car accident today. Thankfully, I’m ok.
I considered taking a picture of my car but after all, I just didn’t. It was not much fun viewing the damage. :(


Determined to read more…

Fresh Start

Tried and tried to get my old wordpress to work but to no avail so here’s to a fresh start…