My Illustration Friday submission for this week’s topic, “Swim”.

I actually had already created this illustration and since it matched the topic, figured I’d submit it.

New Illustrations in Progress

Happy First Day of Spring! That is definitely something to smile about. :))

Lately, I’ve been working on this…

and this…

Iguanas are interesting to look at; personally, I can easily imagine a personality for them. Illustrating the iguana has been fun because I’m challenged to take this slow-moving, plain-colored reptile and translate him into something bright, colorful, and just as interesting to look at.

And then, my new character: Mister Dove. Through him, I wanna spread a message of peace!

To create these, I’ve been using my Intuos Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator.

My Name is Paula and I’m a Memoholic

Yes, you heard it here first people. I am a memoholic. (^_^)

What does being a memoholic look like?

Like this: when I find myself in the stationery section of a store (i.e. Sanseido Books, Kinokuniya Bookstores) a rush of bubbly joy pulses through my being. I love looking at all the memo pads and notebooks, admiring their creative designs. Sometimes I’ll buy one even if I don’t necessarily need it. I’ll think up something to write in it just to justify my purchasing it…

Many times, the creativity of the notebook design and the good quality of the paper makes me want to draw or write when I normally would pass on it and take care of something else.

Maruman is one of my favorite paper product companies.

(and yes, I realize I said memoholic when in fact the addiction doesn’t stop at Memos, but includes other stationery as well. I just think Memoholic sounds better than Stationeryholic. hehe)

At long last…Doodles!

Finally! I post some doodles here…

I like the doodles/paintings of Marty Ito, a.k.a. Paintmonster (www.paintmonster.blogspot.com)

Lately, I doodle with his style in mind. It’s fun!

These days, it’s hard for me to stop doodling. This is good, since for a while, the days were flying by and I hardly picked up my pencil to draw.

But now, I am making a conscious effort to enjoy drawing each day and learn a little something new.


Very soon, I might post a “Pray for Japan” illustration.



Happy Smile! (^_____^)

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